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We really appreciate you wanting to help us have a positive impact in the lives of entrepreneurs everywhere. Our objective is to provide a knowledge platform for any business owner, new or established, to start and run the business of their dreams. If you need any assistance or you have any questions at all, please reach out to us. We're easy to get to.
Email or call 604-499-7164.

And if you're ready to apply to become one of our valued Referral Partners,
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Thanks for considering applying to become a Referral Partner for our Master Classes, 5 Day Challenges, Virtual Summits and related training & programs. Join us, earn some fees, and help entrepreneurs across the globe. Below you'll find details on everything, including our Referral Fees and bonus rewards. Thanks for making the time to learn and see if we're a good fit.

- Warmest personal regards,

Tom Matzen & Martin Barnes, Founders,
Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute

Special New Referral Partner Bonus
Until The End of November, 2019

Apply Now, Send a Total of 100 People To Register for our amazing Master Classes,
and we'll bonus you our entire Game Changer Program Academy for you or one of your tribe!!

This is the exact Program we will offer in our main Master Class.

In this six month long mentorship and coaching program we guide you to create what we call a
Game Changer Program (a high ticket, high margin scalable program), and
coach you to earn at least $250,000 in sales in the first year with this program.

This Program has five Stages including the
skills, accountability and mentorship to ensure
all Program Participants get results:

  1. In the first Stage we help you identify the Big Outcome you provide your clients and incorporate it into a Game Changer Program;
  2. In the second Stage, we take the program you have designed and help you sell 3-5 clients to allow you to generate cash fast and pilot the Program to help work the kinks out early;
  3. In Stage 3, we teach you the basis for a scalable lead generation system for high-ticket services. We help you construct each of the pieces and deploy them over the course of several weeks. The goal is consistent, predictable lead flow that converts;
  4. In Stage 4, we teach you about the 10 different traffic sources and help you choose your initial 3 to focus on; and
  5. In Stage 5, we focus on the last of the 4 Keys of Scale: Processes. We focus on the 3 operational processes necessary to scale: create and prepare your program, deliver your program, service and support your program.

Value $5,000

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The Benefits Of Being A Referral Partner:

Awesome Value!

The single biggest reason to support this program is the tremendous value your tribe gets from our free Master Classes.

We get more unsolicited thank-you emails from attendees of our Master Class than all our other efforts combined.

And it's not the just the quantity of content. The quality is amazing. Each Presenter has been selected because they are experts on the content they teach. They live and breathe this material. And they're good at sharing their wisdom.

Your tribe will be so glad they found us, and will thank you.

Help Us Help Entrepreneurs Across the Globe

In addition to helping entrepreneurs in developed nations across the globe, we believe in something called Strategic Philanthropy.

So, for every single Embark Bootcamp Program we sell, we'll contribute money to fund micro-loans in developing countries. For three decades the Founders of Embark have supported micro-lending, and we're proud to carry that tradition on to this venture.

Help us help other entrepreneurs across the globe. You'll be so glad you did.

$100 from every Embark Bootcamp Program sold will be donated to micro-lending.

Earn Fantastic
Referral Commissions!

We get that you want to make some serious cash so we're paying large referral fees for our Launch and later for our on-going sales.

In our Game Changer Program Inner Circle (formerly Embark Bootcamp) we pay 20% of the first phase payments ($750 to $900 per sale). And since we're averaging a 6% conversion on Master Class attendees, that means you'll be able to earn roughly $45 per attendee!!

With over 93% of attendees watching the entire three hour Master Class (yes, stunning data, we know!!), and 20% of registrants showing up to watch the Master Class, that works out to $9.68 per opt-in. Of course, this is a guesstimate based on our results, yours may be better or worse.

That means when you send 20 people that opt-in you'd earn roughly $193.

That means when you send 50 people that opt-in you'd earn roughly $484.

That means when you send 100 people that opt-in you'd earn roughly $968.

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Four Things You Can Promote Now:

  • Supercharge Your Lead Attraction 5 Day Challenge - Promote our new 5 Day Challenge to help business owners get more leads, quickly and easily. We'll show your tribe how to tunr a simple rack card into a Lead Generation Machine.
  • How To Earn $250,000 a Year As An Authority in Your Field ... Even If You've Never Earned Six Figures - Promote our most popular Master Class, and we'll show your tribe how to permanently eliminate inconsistent cash flow by creating a high-ticket, high-margin program that is scalable.
  • How to Earn Twice As Much With Half the Stress ... Even If You Can’t Market Your Way Out of a Wet Paper Bag - In this Master Class we'll teach business coaches and those that want to be a business coach how to crush it.
  • How to Earn Six Figures as an Authority in Your Field … Even If You Can’t Market Your Way Out of a Wet Paper Bag - If you have heart-centered entrepreneurs in your tribe, what we lovingly call the "Woo-Woo" entrepreneurs, they'll adore this Master Class
  • And more coming every month!!

Once you join our Referral Program, we'll send you to the page with all the copy and graphics you need to promote this.

Help Us Spread the Word and Earn Our $5,000 Game Changer Program Academy As Our Bonus

We're running a Rewards Program to encourage you to encourage others to support us and mail about our amazing Master Classes.

Send 100 registrations before the end of November, 2019, and you earn the Game Changer Program Academy, valued at $5,000.

Someone will win our gifts, might as well be you!

Seriously, what are you waiting for?
No cost to apply, and remember you get our entire Game Changer Program Academy, valued at $5,000, for referring 100 people to watch one of our amazing Master Classes.

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Our mission is to reverse the failure rate of small business across the globe
by inspiring them to embrace the new norm in business of
doing good and making money at the same time.
Tom Matzen and Martin Barnes, Founders

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