Tom Matzen & Martin Barnes present......

How to Use Your Next Book to Build a Seven Figure Business ... Even If You Can't Market Your Way Out Of A Wet Paper Bag!

If you've wanted to leverage your authority with a business book that actually earns you money, you should join us for this Master Class.

Why Watch this Master Class:


Writing a Book In 30 Days Or Less

The first barrier is not getting your book written. You can't create a tribe on a "some day" book deadline. We'll show you exactly how to get it done, and done well.


Creating a

Strategic Philanthropy Book Launch

The second key is to create a tribe of raving fans. We do this by helping you do god and make money at the same time. In this hour we will explain exactly how to do this and raise a bunch of money for a cause at the same time.



Your Tribe

And then, you want to take your tribe and turn it into cash flow. Lots of it. And that means a High-Ticket, High-Margin Program. In this hour we'll show you exactly how to do that.

About Tom

Hello! I'm Tom Matzen

Tom has started some 82 businesses of his own, and has made more mistakes on his own businesses already than most people make in a lifetime. He has made and lost millions, several times over. Seven have been to seven figures and beyond.

More importantly, his personal coaching clients have generated more than one hundred million in sales in dozens of industries.  

Tom is an international best-selling author with 162,000 copies sold and is a seminar presenter that has been able to share his message of business success & failure to more than 100,000 people on four continents.

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Tom lives in on a small island called Bowen Island, just outside Vancouver on Canada's West Coast, and has an enthusiastic twelve year old son called Tyler.

About Martin

Hello! I'm Martin Barnes

Profitable business owners hire Martin to expand their business simply by franchising or licensing into new markets using OPM (other people’s money), because most think it’s complicated, expensive and risky. 

So he helps them to reach more customers, make more money, and take away the risk of going broke from a competitor. 

Martin draws on 19 years of business and franchise experience with an unique blend of theory and practice. He has an unique ability to make the critical numbers of business easy to understand and use, and to break down the challenges of business to simple and practical step-by-step strategies.

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Martin lives in the wine country of New Zealand with his two children Yasmin and Caleb.


"Tom is a Top Tier international business coach and trusted mentor for anyone wanting to start a new venture. His years of building businesses across a wide spectrum of industries makes his knowledge, insight and feedback extremely valuable. Tom has a generous spirit that makes him a friend in addition to being a business partner."

~ Peter Holocher

Vice President, Commercialization & Strategic Partnerships, Stella Maris, LLC

"Utilizing the skills, strengths and knowledge Martin has, is complimenting areas that I know I need support, and together we are making strong inroads to achieving my goals with Lollipop’s. 

Working with Martin is a great adventure because I feel that I have control. Martin is a very good listener and understands the issues I deal with because he has extensive industry experience in both Franchising and Banking. This experience leads to in depth discussion to find the right answers and a direction to move forward. 

The question to ask about the investment to have the opportunity to work with Martin is... what is the cost to not have the services of Martin Barnes? 

Three reasons to work with Martin: 

  • He walks the talk. 
  • He has the experience and knowledge. 
  • He cares."

~ Doug Budge, Entrepreneur

If you've wanted to leverage your authority with a business book that actually earns you money, you should join us for this Master Class.

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